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Specialized Services

Travel Security

Travel security is an important aspect of transportation security, since a great deal of passengers uses these modes of transportation for the purpose of traveling to vacation or recreation locations, as well as business purposes. The large mass of transportation increases the vulnerability to the ever-looming threats of terror and crime, which exist in most parts of the world.

In light of these threats, the Condor Transportation specialized services offers consultancy services in regards to tourism and travel of organized groups, families, individuals, corporate retreats and vacations and more. In order to ensure safe travel, Condor will consult you on your intended routes, chosen mode of transportation, taking necessary precautions, how to detect sign of danger and how to avoid or how to deal with hazardous and problematic situations.

Sensitive Venues

Condor organizes the security of Corporate venues (corporate organizations, transportation security for top management).

Travel to sensitive venues involves various complications, including maintaining security and confidentiality of the travelers and the location. When a high-ranking executive travels to a sensitive facility, he requires specialized protection.

Dignitary VIP’s

We offer customized services for Transportation security for VIP’s, diplomats, families, and convoy security.

When dealing with the security of a dignitary or VIP, one of the key aspects is the safety of travel and transportation. No executive protection is complete without careful attention to transportation means such as cars, airplane and any other mode of transport used by the individual, his family, staff or his security team. Whether the VIP is a governmental official, a diplomat, a businessman or any other protected personality, their transportation requires careful attention and planning.

As part of Condor Transportation Division’s specialized services, we offer comprehensive consulting and construction of a security plans for the transportation needs of VIPs.

These services include:

  • Selection of transportation networks in given locations

  • Selection of routs to and from international destinations

  • Evacuation from high risk areas


Traveling and transferring of prisoners through various modes of transportation, including land, sea or air transportation, entails in it a large range of risks and security hazards. It requires keeping the prisoners from the possibility of escape and foiling any attempt by external elements to free them, but also needs to be aware of not disrupting the routine of the public modes of transportation or disrupting the routine and schedule of the facilities and ensure safe and timely arrival at the destination.

Transfer of prisoners, whether by car, bus, train or plane, requires highly trained personal and advanced technological measures.

R&D Smart Solutions

  • Selection of protection features for vehicles

  • Equipment solutions for sea and sky marshals

  • Special weapon equipment

  • Ammunition and ballistics

Smart Solutions R&D
The Condor Transportation Division is proud to announce the official establishment of an R&D department for transportation specifications.
Our technical teams have extensive experience in developing custom-tailored transportation solutions for special requirements.

Our solutions are the product of extensive experience and understanding of the operational needs within the transportation field and as required in different law enforcement arenas. These solutions are integrated within the existing intelligence functions of the relevant security department and can be applied at thwarting criminal and terrorist activities. Particular attention is given to developing advanced photographic and communication capabilities within high risk environments.

Our technological concept is aligned with human capabilities that combine field operatives and technical innovations in order to achieve our operational objectives.

This alignment allows intelligence operatives to have advanced training and technical back up for gathering, interceptive and neutralizing mechanisms.

At the same time, we devote particular attention to generating a wise and practical balance between human and technological capacities.

This multidisciplinary research-based department is in a constant process of development, testing, elaboration and implementation of its solutions.

This department offers practical intelligence solutions that are accompanied by logistical support and training in order to ensure the proper integration and use of the selected equipment.

Our department is devoted to supplying and processing Smart Solutions that do not require complex modifications of existing platforms. Instead, our technical teams look to building solutions that improve the existing intelligence mechanisms and counter new and/or additional threats. This smart solution apparatus ensures clients quick results without radical changes and cost effective applications that are feasible. This process can only be achieved successfully through extensive knowledge of the adversaries’ modus operandi and tools.

For more information on our Smart Solutions R&D please do not hesitate to contact us. Please note that our solutions are especially designed for:

  • Sensitive installations

  • Army bases

  • Borders

  • Airports

  • Heads of security departments

  • Special units (land air and sea)

  • Police

  • Military

  • Governmental Agencies