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Ground Solutions

The Condor Transportation consultancy services for securing ground installations and facilities includes central stations and terminals that serve major urban ground transportation networks. Undoubtedly, the effective security of these facilities relies on the simultaneous implementation of visible and clandestine screening procedures while maintaining the uninterrupted flow of passengers entering and exiting the installation. The complexity of this challenge depends on the operational integration of extensive proactive systems and security procedures during routine and emergency.

The Condor Transportation division has constructed and operated several security systems and units for major rail and bus terminal facilities. These projects included building defensive and offensive capabilities for countering and neutralizing intelligence gathering for the planning of terrorist activities.

We offer a broad array of consultancy and advisory services in both the vertical and horizontal axis of security systems for public transportation facilities. We are set to provide these services to the existing security structure and in response to different criminal and terrorist modus operandi. This overall apparatus summarizes the building blocks of our transportation security agenda.

We believe in an integrative system which combines the writing of protocols and procedures along with actual training and simulation. A procedure becomes mandatory only after it has been thoroughly examined and checked for efficiency and applicability in the daily operations of the installation’s security system.

The consultancy services we provide to ground transportation entities include, but are not limited to:



Railroad transportation networks, including trains, subway system and other metro and tram transportation systems, have become a major target for criminal and terrorist activities. These networks are used by millions of people around the world on a daily basis and serve as important links in the business, cultural and municipal life of every city and country around the world. They are key players in both the local and global economic and industrial systems.

In order to keep these vital means of transportation safe, their security personnel require specialized training and operational preparedness in the different aspects of transportation security. All security elements must be implemented according to the characteristics of the specific network, its structure, routes, destination and all other parameters that might affect the risk and threats levels, including departures and arrivals to and from stations.

The Condor Transportation consultancy services for trains, metros and trams security include a similar foundation, yet specific services are offered separately to each one of them according to their particular security requirements.

The consultancy services we provide to railroad companies include, but are not limited to:

  1. Trains

  2. Metro

  3. Trams



The past two decades have shown that the major security threats to public busses include suicide terrorism and hostile sabotage activities. The relatively easy access to busses and public stations make it difficult to create and enforce protective measures while maintaining the dynamic and constant flow of activity.

The Condor Transportation consultancy services for bus security focuses on advanced solutions in the form of prevention procedures, including counter-terror techniques. Our methodology combines all aspects of bus security, including bus stations, security personnel on the bus, and finally the bus drivers, who can also be a useful and important part in the chain of security, if professionally trained.

The consultancy services we provide in this field include, but are not limited to:

  • Identification of Suspicious signs

  • The driver and his importance to the security system

  • Stations Sweeping and searching procedures (before departure)


The Condor Transportation division provides consultancy services for various aspects of vehicle security within the fields of executive protection and personal security for taxis and limousines. Our specialists have extensive experience in driving tactics, executive protection, self-defense in and out of the vehicle, high risk combat from a vehicle, as well as surveillance and counter-surveillance using vehicles and motorcycles.

Our operational concept defines the vehicle as a weapon that can be used in both offensive and defensive dimensions. Therefore, our consulting services offer turnkey solutions for all aspects of vehicle security.

The consultancy services we provide in this field include, but are not limited to:
Vehicle (taxis, limos, driving tactics, chauffeurs)

  • Sabotage detection and prevention?

  • Operational driving – using the vehicle as weapon, armed/unarmed combat systems

  • Surveillance and counter Surveillance

  • Sweeping and searching procedures