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Condor sees the art of training as the most challenging area of security. We devote extensive resources to building operational pedagogical modules of training that are functional under a crisis. The content of the training module is derived from the reality of the field and must be translated into a practical platform of techniques that work under routine and emergency situations. This process is long and involves testing all techniques 360 degrees to see what their effectiveness is and where vulnerable points exist.

The vulnerability dimension is then measured under stress to see if it is instinctive or impulsive in its nature as this will have an effect on the training method. Once these techniques pass this stage, they undergo training methodologies so they can be taught in the simplest and quickest way.

The instructional method will have an effect on how the trainee responds in a real occurrence and therefore Condor employs innovative methodologies. Condor instructors come from a wide variety of backgrounds since we operate numerous divisions and require specific know how related to the area of activity. Our selection process for becoming an instructor is very rigorous and long since our professional standards are the highest there is. It is required for all potential instructors to have operational field experience as well as commanding and instructional experience.

In addition, all selected potential instructors must go through a long Condor instruction course where all qualities and faculties are extensively worked on. This course measures all professional aptitudes required for becoming a specific instructor as well as special pedagogical methodologies required for ensuring professional instructional mechanism. In the second phase of the training, all potential instructors learn specific Condor techniques in accordance with their area of specialization.

These techniques involve specialized operational solutions for different organizations, and are applied to the different arenas inherent to the area of operation within the Condor Division. Condor makes sure that the instructors can apply Israeli know how to the domestic environment of the specific client.

We do not believe in a copy and paste approach as each geographical area, environment and client has its own theatre of operation. Certified instructors are required to speak several languages, have an academic degree and continue to undergo training as part as their overall function. They travel extensively and are required to study the local problems inherent to each country in order to understand the reality in each specific country. This evolutionary policy allows us to teach only solutions that work and are applicable.