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In addition to building, supervising and taking active part in exercises specific to counter terror, Condor develops simulations based on realistic models. These simulations are multidimensional and are generated for seeing our own capabilities as well as measuring our understanding of the adversary.

Condor carries these simulations in Israel or at the client requested destination. Condor has strong ties with existing installations such as malls, hotels, airports and large facilities that can host these simulations. In addition, we have excellent relationships with the law enforcement community and share with them the findings and cooperate on an ongoing basis. Condor uses different equipment for these simulations.

Our methodologies in building simulations require the following  extensive preparation in order to make sure that the simulation is relevant, correct, tests the specific function in question, and that the results will be indicative of our current operational status.

In addition, they allow us to see where we are vulnerable, techniques that need to be modifies, operational flexibility and receive feedback from the first responders engaging in the simulation.

As part of the ongoing simulation service offered to our clients, Condor devotes specific attention to the following parameters and has developed a unique array of solutions.


Our clients can benefit from the following services offered by Condor:

  • Condor Simulations

  • Create a Simulation

  • Procedure Implementation

  • Scenario Building

  • Logistics & Operations

  • Communication & Reporting

  • Operational Preparations

  • Simulation Challenge

  • Simulation Manuals

  • TableTop

  • Upgrade Training

  • Refreshment