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Law Enforcement

First responders and law enforcement personnel must be able to respond fast, aggressive and in a proactive manner. This requires having advanced identification mechanisms, understanding of the adversaries, and the operational capabilities to deal with different modus operandi.

In addition, the capabilities must be able to adapt to different physical sites, locations, environments and conditions. Obviously this requires extensive combat tactics, procedures and capabilities.
Condor offers advisory and training services in this area.


Condor believes that the fight against terror is a common goal to the law enforcement community but entails different objectives, specific agendas and surgical tactics inherent to every channel of action.

Police work inherent to counter terror and anti terror activities requires very surgical strategies that need to be created within existing units or adapted within the specific functions of existing units. However, a copy paste approach cannot work and police work relevant to terror must go beyond the existence of special anti terror units.

These units are essential organs of the anti terror apparatus but cannot replace ongoing counter terror activities. Condor offers advisory and training services for existing police units as well as the creation of specialized task forces.


Condor has developed special training programs for military units that are at the fore front of the fight on terror or that are active in military counter terror tactics. Our services are tailored to conventional military units that wish to develop counter terror capabilities within their operational framework. We offer professional services in counter insurgency tactics and have developed unique programs for military units seeking these capabilities.

In addition, Condor offers specialized services for creating special teams within existing units that have counter terror and anti terror capabilities. These services are imperative in order to have tactical and strategic superiority when operating against terror organizations and insurgent groups. Our services take into account adversaries who possess military and terror capabilities.

Special Operations

Condor has developed unique programs for special operations team that must be operationally flexible and act in changing environments with multidimensional adversaries and modus operandi.

Our services are designed in setting up special functions, training and creating realistic simulations and models based on installation files and different adversary profiles.

Operative Responders

When referring to operative responders, Condor Security Enterprises is a unique organization that uses vertical and horizontal vectors for developing a counter terror doctrine where all segments are proactive in the delivery and implementation process. Our services for the operative responders’ community have taken us to different parts of the world in consulting state organizations on selecting which functions are essential in the fight against terror.

This counter terror algorithm has made Condor become a great asset to the law enforcement community in budget saving, defining needs and training all operative responders in their line of action pertaining to the adversary and its apparatus of capabilities.


An effective counter terror doctrine is born in the field and the product of knowing the adversaries. Condor offers advisory and training services in Adversary Operational Profiling.

Our AOP services are designed to study the adversary capabilities from the tactical perspective and develop counter terror tactics accordingly in order to make sure we have built a response apparatus.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Adversary Operational Profiling

  • Adversary tactical Assessments

  • Adversary Combat Simulations

  • Adversary Response Mechanisms

  • Creation of specialized units based on Adversary Operational Profiling

Combat Tactics

Combat tactics are an integral part of Counter Terrorism Strategies and require a careful study of what works and what is less relevant to specific theatres of action. As part of our consulting services, Condor offers advisory services in:

  • Selection of Combat tactics based on adversary

  • Urban combat tactics

  • Armed combat tactics

  • Intelligence combat tactics

  • Suicide bomber tactics

  • Unarmed response mechanisms

Combined Attacks

The complexity of combined terror attacks make it imperative that the first responders and civilian communities be operationally prepared accordingly. Combined attacks can come in different variations and at different inter phases of a terror attack. Counter terror tactics for countering and managing combined terror attacks requires an integrated approach that can deal with complex events happening simultaneously.

Our consulting services are directed to:

  • First responders

  • Heads of security departments

  • Emergency services

  • Municipalities


As part of the ongoing services in counter terror, Condor builds, supervises, conducts and audits general and specific exercises in counter terror tactics. These exercises serve the first responder community in testing their operational preparedness, analyze the results, assess the reliability of procedures, understand vulnerabilities and measure the current state of their response apparatus.

Condor remains at your disposal in advisory services for counter terror exercises.


In addition to building, supervising and taking active part in exercises specific to counter terror, Condor develops simulations based on realistic models. These simulations are multidimensional and are generated for seeing our own capabilities as well as measuring our understanding of the adversary.

Condor carries these simulations in Israel or at the client requested destination. Condor has strong ties with existing installations such as malls, hotels, airports and large facilities that can host these simulations. In addition, we have excellent relationships with the law enforcement community and share with them the findings and cooperate on an ongoing basis. Condor uses different equipment for these simulations.