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The condor teams are picked according to strict parameters and must have high professional standards combined with strong leadership and charisma. Our secret lies in the ability to select our staff according to criteria which we believe are essential when dealing with the security industry. It is important to note, that certain challenges require teams of a particular professional profile so that they excel at understanding the micro and macro elements of the security paradigm.



The Condor management is located in the company’s home office in Israel. In addition, Condor works and complies with several international organizations that act as company representatives in the respective countries. Our training and consulting teams work in constant turnkey collaboration with the division’s management. This process condenses all operative channels through the entire stages of the respective project and maximizes the objectives by safeguarding human and technological interests.

Our management takes active part in all operational activities as they are the mirror image of the quality of services we deliver. Condor adheres to an active management policy whereby all management is involved in all operative channels. Our clients benefit form this structure as whoever they deal with is first of all a professional.



Condor’s policy of expertise lies in the foundation that security is a multidisciplinary industry. This acknowledgement has led Condor to change its organizational structure and build interdependent divisions that serve each sector of the security industry. Rather than looking at security as a general industry, we have addressed it as an industry that requires different types of expertise at different levels. Consequently, we have decided to embark on a professional journey of establishing specialized departments for each sector of security that we retain to be of global importance when protecting human lives and assets.

This expertise policy allows us to concentrate on each sector and recruit the most professional staff with the highest level of operational competency. It is this operational commitment that makes Condor’s expertise policy a unique umbrella organization where one may find the security elite. We hope that clients will benefit from this apparatus and hope to continue striving to offer state of the art security services.



Condor takes part in projects that require deployment of our teams for specific projects. These operatives are active in different parts of the world and have been allocated as workers of our clients. We have delivered numerous operatives to our clients in an effort to provide them trained professionals that have a permanent security role in the organization.

This process is very effective for clients that wish to have a permanent presence of operatives within their grounds rather than recruiting outside personnel and training them. Instead, Condor supplies these operatives directly at the client location. This solution overcomes problems dealing with quality of manpower, loyalty, professionalism and has proven to be cost effective.