Meet Our Team

Condor’s Security Team

The condor teams are picked according to strict parameters and must have high professional standards combined with strong leadership and charisma. Our secret lies in the ability to select our staff according to criteria which we believe are essential when dealing with the security industry. It is important to note, that certain challenges require teams of a particular professional profile so that they excel at understanding the micro and macro elements of the security paradigm.

Our Array of Capabilities

Teams are picked according to strict parameters and must have high professional standards.


Our management takes active part in all operational activities as they are the mirror image of the quality of services we deliver. Condor adheres to an active management policy whereby all management is involved in all operative channels.


This expertise policy allows us to concentrate on each sector and recruit the most professional staff with the highest level of operational competency. It is this operational commitment that makes Condor’s expertise policy a unique umbrella organization .


hese operatives are active in different parts of the world and have been allocated as workers of our clients. We have delivered numerous operatives to our clients in an effort to provide them trained professionals that have a permanent security role in the organization.


As part of our expertise policy, Condor has developed strong ties with Israeli and international consultants that bring to the security industry a very specific know how that complements our services.


This division centralizes all instructional methodologies inherent to the most prominent security sectors. These instructional solutions are custom tailored to the operational modus operandi of the adversary and implement the creation of practical solutions to these threats.


We combine operational experience with a multidisciplinary approach that cultivates creativity, flexibility and what we call " Reachable Reality "

The people behind Condor Security

Our staff is at the forefront of all our global commitment to delivering our services

President and CEO

Bachelor of Arts- Brandeis University, Massachusetts USA- International Relations

Master’s Degree- Interdisciplinary Center, Herzelya Israel- Homeland Security and Terror

S. L is a veteran of the Israeli Security Establishment and is a professional security consultant for the last 25 years. He is a highly respected professional in Israel and abroad. He was responsible for numerous sensitive and complex security projects throughout the world. His areas of expertise include but are not limited to: Counter/Anti- Terror Tactics, Homeland Security, Protection of sensitive installations, Combat, Intelligence, and Corporate Security.

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N. P. K
Managing Director USA

N. P. K, has been appointed as Corporate Ambassador for the US Department of State in 2009 and in addition to this as US National Commissioner for UNESCO in 2010.  N. P. K serves on the steering committee for Tri State Ventures; a New York based Angel Investment Corp focusing on technology and healthcare.

N. P. K sat on the Board of Directors of Select University Technology Inc, a holding group that develops University technologies into diverse technology companies, and was Chairman of the Board of four of their portfolio companies: Titan Folding Technologies, Inc, Aqua Cool, Inc, Mac Vision, and MTU Software, Inc.

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Co-Managing Director USA

A.K is a versatile and results oriented senior Business Executive, with a 20+ years’ operating experience at Major Multinationals. He holds a PhD in Chemistry from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, USA. A.K held senior level assignments at Unilever, Pepsi, Pfizer, and Cadbury- Schweppes where he applied his strong technical skills to deliver significant financial results. A.K possesses a unique mix of strategic vision and hands-on analytical skills that delivers compelling results, built on effective linkage of R&D strategies with those of marketing and Operations. A.K is a team player with strong cross-cultural skills.
A.k initiated the development of proprietary technologies in the consumer products sector that led to the launch of successful commercial products. A.K has broad experiences in working with North & South American, European, Asian, Middle Eastern, and North African businesses.

E. M
Web and Graphic Designer

Specialties: Web Design, Print Design, Branding, Print and Magazine Layout, UX & UI, Banners & Animations and Development.

Legal Advisor

is the legal advisor that specializes in company legal issues in Israel. I.U is a senior lawyer in Israel with extensive experience in the corporate, security, and commercial sectors. U.I is still an active reserve judge in the IDF

Cyber protection

S.D specializes in cyber protection, firewall security, endpoint protection, malware protections. S. D designs and implements different network security protocols, monitoring, vulnerability assessments and patch management tools