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Target Recruiters

This highly-specialized and targeted assessment tool serves to maximize the depth and efficiency of current recruitment procedures. Importantly, it complements and does not replace the company’s Human Resources (HR) Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). It serves to extend the traditional screening process, providing additional safety and security in candidate selection.

The Specific Assessment Tool and Evaluation Process provides an operational ring for selecting candidates. It is designed to ensure that a candidate will not compromise the company’s activities, staff, confidential/propriety information, and/or commercial growth. It is a preventative measure, either confirming or challenging HR’s candidate evaluation. Benefits will include helping to better understand a candidate’s behavioral patterns, and identifying indicators of any objectives that could disrupt the general well-being and functioning of the company.

Although useful for the preliminary phases of recruitment, this tool can also provide continued evaluation of new employees. This helps ensure that the employee continues to behave and act according to the professional and moral standards of the company. Should a new employee have misled HR during the screening process, one should be able to identify irregularities during the follow-up evaluations. Early identification of irregularities will help to minimize damage and enable appropriate and timely intervention to address any situations before they might reach a critical status.

This tool and evaluation process will be coordinated with senior management and will not replace any of HR’s SOPs. As indicated, this tool will provide an additional, business-critical dimension to candidate selection that is not considered by the regular HR screening procedures.


  • Pre-employment screening procedures, tailored to the organization’s and to the function-specific needs

  • Periodic post-employment screening procedures to be used through the horizontal and vertical channels

  • CVA: Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessments

  • Behavioral Analysis Evaluation

  • Organizational compartmentalization on a need to know basis

  • Specific training to HR departments so that they can learn and carry out themselves this specific assessment and evaluation

  • Irregular behavioral recognition training


Tools designed to understand present and future behavior of personnel can help us prevent dealing with certain risks and conflicts. Condor has many years of experience in conducting behavioral analysis asessments through specific techniques that can be indicators of lying, instability, non symmetry, and other behavioral indicators of something irregular that may need further investigation. The ability to detect these indicators in the early stages allows us to deepen our analysis or stop the recruitment process.

Condor offers workshops and advisory services in behavioral analysis techniques. For further information, please contact us.


Evaluation centers are designed to test and analyze future candidates as part of the recrutiment process. Condor offers advisory services in creating special simulations and tests that evaluate the candidates from a different perspective. These simulations can be integrated to the exisiting recruitment process or specifically created as an additional recruitment phase. Condor has been active in recruiting security personnel for different tasks for many years through specialized techniques that give the employee advanced information on the candidate’s personality and capabilities.

We have acted as additional recruiters in existing human resources departments and have set up evaluation centres for testing very specific features and capabilities required in different functions. 



The human factor remains to be the most important source in any organization’s succes and failure. Condor has devoted many years to the development of pre employment and post employment screening process in order to recruit candidates that do not pose now and in the future any security risk. This screening process is complex and involves many phases that assist human resources departments in making not ony the best candidate selection but the most secure one.

Failure do so will result in allowing an adversary to enter the organization and detection will usually take place only when the damge that has been done is already irreversible. Clearly, this can cause extensive commercial espionage and lead to financiual losses and even business catastrophe. Our process works closely with human resources and serves to give the employee an additional platform in the selection process.

Our services are active also in post employment in order to make sure that the security of the worker has remained intact and not changed due to numerous motives such as financial, ideological, sociual engineering related, political etc. Condor can perform these services jointly with human resources either simultaneously or after depending on the organization’s choice. 



Condor offers special workshops and advisory services for human resources organizations in order to enhance the security angle in the recruitment process. We believe this is not a replacement for the regular screening process but rather an additional platform required for successful screening and employment. Condor understands that human resources departments are at the pinnacle of recruitment techniques and do not ant to interfere with this process. Consequently, we can offer targeted workshops and consulting services for applying behavioral security techniques for scrrening secure candidates.



Condor has developed spoecialized behavioral assessment techniques that can assist target recruiters in understanding and selecting the most suitable candidates for the healthcare industry. Working in healthcare institutions requires keeping secrecy and serving the public. Therefore, it is essential to recruit suitable candidates which can perform these activities according to the highest moral and ethical codes of conduct.

Understanding these risks in potential candidates through specific techniques is extremely useful so that threy are not recruited within the institution and create damage. Our services are designed to assist target recruites in classifying the risk profile of candidates according to their behavioral assessments during the recruitment process.