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Condor adheres to a global security concept delivery methodology that offers its clients a unique platform of state of the art security services. In order to maximize our resources and minimize time and costs, we have developed a unique client requirement policy that centralizes all crucial data in order to formulate an action plan based on intelligence. This process allows for intelligence to serve as the building block of the solution method and package most suitable to the operational requirements. Condor teams devote extensive resources to understanding the threats specific to the client and selecting the most surgical solutions in order to have the human and technological means for effective mitigation of conflicts during routine and emergency situations. Our solutions and techniques are carefully analyzed and tested prior to being delivered so that they can be delivered after having been integrated and tuned within the respective organization.

Our group is composed of independent specialized divisions which are assembled by Israeli experts from the respective security establishment and international consultants.  These divisions designate internal teams which are selected according to an in depth analysis and serve as the integrators to the specifications of each project.  Consequently, these project teams can be deployed in Israel and/or at a client’s requested destination according to the established line of action


The smart solution formula encompasses a wise line of action within the organization’s security requirements and, most importantly, a platform of security solutions that are difficult for the enemy to learn and incapacitate our defense. This combination allows for adversaries to select other entities as their targets because it is difficult to study our security system and develop attack policies. Therefore, a smart solution is a double standard requirement. Condor specializes in the development of double standard security solutions.


Condor believes that there is an operational consensus regarding the importance of designing security systems. However, the problem lies in designing the right security system for each specific organization. The operational consensus does not attribute that there is an agreed security system that fits many organizations. There are numerous parameters that dictate which security system fits which client. Condor’s unique approach and experience resides in our ability to dissect the intelligence required for understanding the organization’s activity, its adversaries and build a security solutions algorithm that surgically fits the respective project.

When this critical phase is achieved, a specific security plan must be formulated that addresses all horizontal and vertical vectors of the organization’s structure. The next phase involves implementing the selected human and technical solutions so they function and address the specific threats. Condor believes that the right solution lies in this process and is the building block to operational efficiency and cost effectiveness