The Installation File

The installation file is a structure for effective security. It facilitates the knowledge of the secured site by security personnel and is a tool that assists in field analysis for evaluating a situation and planning security. While preparing the installation file, we learn and analyze key elements of the installation. The installation file must be constantly updated, and the wording, procedures, maps, and pictures must be properly analyzed. The date is analyzed from the outside to the inside

The information to be collected when preparing the installation file includes:

Description of routine activities in and out of the installation

Places and methods from which the adversary can collect information (cover story, time on site)

Assisting tools (Pictures, maps)

When preparing the installation file, proper attention must be dedicated to:

The nation (population, topography, economy, political regime, social climate)

Relevant security forces working with the installation and around it

Organizations and population specific to area (concentration of foreigners and religious activity)

Local terror organizations and unusual elements in the environment

Analysis of Area in Installation File

Type of area (tourist, urban, commercial, rural)

Access routes by foot / car and any other means of transportation

Parking areas

Dominant buildings around the installation

Type of activity during day / night

Public areas around the installation


Secured areas and security forces in & around the installation

Description of Installation

When preparing the installation file, the following categories must be listed:

General (history, owners, size, visitors, guests)

Internal description (division of floors, functions, diagram of floor)

Additional areas (roof, basement, parking, balconies)

Entrances and exits of installation

Escape paths and secured areas

Physical means (technical, technological, defensive, ballistic)

Installation services and schedules of the different departments

The hostile and criminal methods of action and the appropriate response to each are also an important part of the installation file.