Condor offers a wide range of corporate security solutions that are designed to be an integral part of the organization’s security culture. Our solutions include preventative, response and deterrent mechanisms so that our clients can protect themselves in all stages (prior, during, and after the attack). Condor teams are multidisciplinary and have carried complex corporate security projects that have required extensive capabilities and knowledge of the adversary.

Executive Security

Condor is a full scale provider of security solutions for executives and top Management. These services are custom tailored to fit the operational requirements of every organization and include but are not limited to: Building of a security department
Travel security
Residence security
Office security
Security procedures for routine and emergency situations
Operational behavior in high risk areas
Security awareness- programs, social engineering, behavioral recognition assessments, self defense
Information security

Emergency Preparedness

As part of our preventative security doctrine, Condor invests extensive resources in preparing organizations for dealing with a crisis, hostile event and any type of emergency that affects the physical plant, personnel and daily activities. Our arrays of solutions include preventative crisis management operations, real time mitigation, and post conflict recovery mechanisms. Our teams are at your disposal for any further information on these three layers of crisis management and emergency preparedness.

Contingency Planning

Condor is an active provider of active contingency planning services for organizations that operate internationally and may require to mitigate domestic and international threats to their personnel and facilities. In addition, Condor builds contingency planning procedures and offers comprehensive training in the implementation phase should circumstances require.