Security Operatives

The Condor defense system was born to serve the operational requirement of security operatives that operate under complex theaters of action. The operational complexities in being a security operative resides in the fact that they are part of the defensive dimension and usually react to an event which has already initiated. In operational terms, this means that the time factor is very problematic, and the response needs to be immediate and specific to what is occurring. Therefore, the decision-making process is greatly affected and must compensate for what has already began.

Clearly, this reality puts security operatives at great risk. The Condor defense system has developed reactionary solutions to a wide variety of threats inherent to urban, transportation, maritime, aircraft, CQB, compound, installations, educational institutions and hostage related situations whereby security operatives are required to operate and protect the premises and its people. Another operational complexity inherent to security operatives lies in the fact that they are the first ring to respond prior to the arrival of the security forces and first responders. Our technical arsenal of solutions is fit and custom tailored to face these scenarios within the defensive and reactionary dimension and quickly resolve the hostile event.

Condor Offers specialized consulting and training services for Security Operatives. Please visit the qualifications section of this site for a complete list of our courses and seminars. Please contact us for customized special requests and special services for the Law Enforcement Community.

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