Screening of third-party companies/new employees

Principles of Operation

Principles of Operation

Registration and reception of each new employee

Use of employee tags at the entrance

Computer documentation of entrances and exits

Creating a regular security brief for securing the entrance

Control using an inspection post (one sided window)

Operating Public Entrances

The purpose of public entrances is to inspect the guests that come to the facility routinely without disrupting the business activity in the structure

Principles of Operation

Using selectors for checking and security officers for security

Detection means (metal detector, x-ray machine, dogs, explosives detector)

Other means (lighting, cameras, emergency button etc.)

Ability to question people that stand out and to focus on screening

Specific training on suspicious signs and appearances

The possibility for using emergency lighting should exist

Possibility for carrying out a complete search behind a screen

Automatic door lock

Rope barrier

Suppliers’ Entrance

The purpose of this entrance is to check all the merchandise and the suppliers that come to the mall routinely for their business activity

Principles of Operation

Registration and reception of all suppliers

Surveillance of the time of arrival and the products

Use of identification badges for suppliers

Computerized documentation of entrances and exits

Physical inspection and checking by security personnel while unloading merchandise

Control using cameras from an inspection post