Preparation and approval of drills

  1. Drills that will be executed in facilities that belong to “secured facilities” will be scheduled in general with early notice and preparation of the security levels of the police. 
  2. According to this, nearing the time of the scheduled drill a deliberation and joint planning will be held by the regional and local security officers of the facility in question and the county/ regional facilities officer, who is in charge of the county where the facility is.
  3. In the early preparation the things that will be decided are: the general details of the drills, the stages of preparation and execution according to the level of the drill and its purposes. 
  4. According to the above an outline of the drill will be prepared and will be distributed to the management of the facility in practice, for approval and to the relevant police units. 
  5. In internal drills, without the involvement of external forces, a limited drill file will be prepared which will include the following details:

The name of the facility 

The type of drill 

Date and time of execution 

The purpose of the drill

The method of execution and stages of the drill 

Security instructions 


  1. In combined drills a full drill file will be prepared that will include (after the approval of the outline of the drill) the following details:

General background – security background details and details about the institution 

Opening station 

Event schedule, stages of the drill and the method of execution

Required conclusions 

Drill administration 

Instructions for the judges/ inspectors 

A table with the names of the forces involved and their missions 

Civil/ police/ other communication registry 

Security instructions 


Copies of the drill file will be given to the county protection officer, to the department of security and to the management of the facility in which the drill is taking place.