Our Security Standard

The Security standard is composed of 5 levels. Each level is subject to abiding by our professional criteria. In order to rise to the next level, it is mandatory to have fulfilled all the requirements of the previous levels. The standard is issued for a period of 1 year. The renewal of the current level or achievement of the next level is subject to an operational assessment by Condor Security Enterprises. Condor reserves the right to revoke any security level if the professional components are not in accordance with its standards.

Level 1- Passive and active physical security system of the site/premises. This includes human and technological means + the presence of a security director, shift supervisors and guards. The site has a communication system for the security personnel which also has a first aid certification. There are basic procedures for routine and emergency situations which are known to the respective security personnel.

Level 2 - Internal and external security system composed of several security rings and a control center that operates 24/7 with trained personnel behind a CCTV system. Each security ring operates interdependently with armed and unarmed trained personnel. The training is offered by the Condor Group or one of its members.  

Level 3 - Preventative and response procedures for different scenarios. The facility has an installation file with routine and emergency procedures for different criminal and terror related scenarios. The organization has a pre-and post-employment screening procedures of all its employees and security operatives. The installation file is known and trained by the security personnel with some parts shared with local first responders. There are ongoing refreshment programs and simulations which are carried randomly as well. The organization carries surprise exercises on its security personnel. The organization has an active IT and information security department that is dedicated to data security and protection.

Level 4 - All security personnel that are employed abide by a high standard selection process and go through an extensive training course prior to becoming active. organization does not employ any outsourcing companies within its security personnel. Within the security department, there is an intelligence team that collects, analyzes and develops real time intelligence within its own premises as part of the security apparatus. All employees of the company receive security awareness and briefing as part of their ongoing activity. 

Level 5 - The organization has a dedicated emergency and crisis management team that is present on site 24/7. Special exercises and simulations are carried with Police as part as their facility security preparedness program. The security department operates the SOPS software within its departments for the management of hostile events. Mandatory audits are carried annually, and findings are applied accordingly.