The Condor defense system offers extensive ad-hoc solutions for military personnel. Our system does not take techniques from other areas and apply them to military situations. Instead, we have developed and trained different military units in customized solutions pertinent to their line of activity, gear, and profile of adversary. This surgical approach is the product of our deep understanding of the conflicts and situations face by military personnel in combat and low intensity conflicts.

The combat requirements for military personnel that face low intensity conflicts are very challenging to operate and face guerrilla, terrorists, and insurgent activity. In addition, military personnel are required to operate in clandestine tactics in high risk areas and are subject to constant unconventional attacks. Our arsenal of solutions fits the operational requirements of different military personnel and are in operational harmony with finding the balance between armed and unarmed solutions or vice versa. Furthermore, we have customized offensive and proactive solutions for special operations that require specific tactics.

Condor Offers specialized consulting and training services for Military Personnel. Please visit the qualifications section of this site for a complete list of our courses and seminars. Please contact us for customized special requests and special services for the Law Enforcement Community.

Please visit our Sites for independent Divisions operated by Condor Security Enterprises. The Condor Defense System specializes in Military Turnkey Solutions for:

Infantry Units

Special Operations Teams

LIC Operations

Specialized Units