Condor is a full scale integrator of maritime security services for large organizations, ports, ships, sea marshals and operatives that are at the forefront of securing maritime installation against terrorist, piracy and hostile events.


Ports are focal points of travel, industry and commerce, and therefore are highly important to a country’s economy, tourism and industry, and thus are targets for sabotage, theft, criminal and terrorist activity. Port security is a complex and challenging matter, to which the Condor Transportation Division offers its unique consultancy and training services.

The Condor Transportation division understands these complexities and recognizes that port security entails combining different measures and strategies to ensure the overall safety and security of the port.

Our expert teams specialize in providing security solutions for securing the installations, vessels, passengers and cargo within the port, and creating a comprehensive security apparatus to engulf all the security needs within the port.


The Condor Transportation division provides consultancy and active security services for shipping lines, such as cruise ships, ferries, yachts, private and commercial vessels. In addition, we provide active security services on-board cruise and passenger vessels throughout the world.

Our consultancy teams are composed of veterans of the Israeli military with many years of first-hand experience in vessels security, as well as combat and special operations, counterterrorism and security risk analysis, all specific to maritime operations.

With their extensive knowledge in the micro and macro levels of maritime security systems, our consultants offer an array of training and instruction which includes different aspects of maritime transportation security. All these services comply with the International Ship and Port Facility Security regulations for ship security.

The consultancy services we provide in this field include, but are not limited to:

o High risk
o Deployment of personnel
o Anti piracy
o Behavior in high risk destinations (of company personnel)

Coastal guard

In many ways, coast guards are the first line of defense in a country’s sea borders – they defend the coast from terrorist and unwanted invaders, from smuggling and criminal activity, as well as search and rescue in case of citizens who get in trouble while sailing.

The coast guard forces must have the right skills and capabilities to deal with any situation they are faced with. This training must also involve:

  • Water ways security
  • Vessel inspections – including cargo, passengers
  • Border control

Sea Marshalls

Condor offers sea marshal training qualifications for operating both armed and unarmed. Our qualifications are in accordance with international regulations and specific company procedures.

In addition, we offer specialized training for:

- Heads of security departments / security officers

- Security guards

- Ground staff

- Crew/ fleet members (sailors, hosting staff in tourists ships

- Captains