HR Pre And Post Employment

The human factor remains to be the most important source in any organization’s success and failure. Condor has devoted many years to the development of pre employment and post-employment screening process in order to recruit candidates that do not pose now and in the future any security risk. This screening process is complex and involves many phases that assist human resources departments in making not only the best candidate selection but the most secure one.

Failure do so will result in allowing an adversary to enter the organization and detection will usually take place only when the damage that has been done is already irreversible. Clearly, this can cause extensive commercial espionage and lead to financial losses and even business catastrophe. Our process works closely with human resources and serves to give the employee an additional platform in the selection process.

Our services are active also in post-employment in order to make sure that the security of the worker has remained intact and not changed due to numerous motives such as financial, ideological, social engineering related, political etc. Condor can perform these services jointly with human resources either simultaneously or after depending on the organization’s choice.