The Condor defense System devotes extensive resources to self-defense against firearms. Our solutions do not rely on conventional disarming techniques as practiced in different Israeli and international systems.

The term disarming as seen in the combat world always shows a technique where by the person defending themselves is always in the same attack situation and ends up finishing the technique with the weapon in his hand, taking a few steps back and aiming the firearm at the assailant.

Condor does not believe in this approach. We define the disarming process as the defensive and offensive actions taken to incapacitate the assailant from using /continuing to use the firearm.
Some of our services include but are not limited to:

Unarmed response mechanisms against firearms at short, medium, and long distances

Disarming techniques after being injure/hit

The use of the firearm as a dry weapon due to a tactical choice/malfunction

Specialized techniques for security operatives