Executive Protection and securing the Protege

Executive Protection and securing the Protege requires advanced armed and unarmed tactics that can prevent, neutralize, and deter different methods of attack. In addition, team leaders and close protection personnel are required to react to numerous types of attacks by making the evacuation of the protege the priority.

In a combat situation whereby the protege and/or the close protection personnel are attacked on foot or vehicle it is imperative to find the right balance between combat and evacuation. However, this is not always possible as some attacks require doing both things simultaneously. The Condor Defense System specializes in armed and unarmed tactics for complex scenarios pertaining to the executive protection branch. Our array of tactics is rapid, decisive and comply with prioritizing the security and safety of the protege. We have extensive tactical programs that comply with the highest standards of combat, security planning, driving, protecting sensitive venues and advanced methodologies for responding to both conventional and extreme conflict situations.

Condor Offers specialized consulting and training services for Executive Protection Turnkey Solutions for:

Armed Bodyguards

Unarmed Bodyguards

Team Leaders

Chiefs of Security

Undercover Executive Protection Teams

Security Drivers