Airport security has become a multi-dimensional challenge that is now a common concern for all nations around the world. The security threats facing airports and their visitors come from a wide range of enemies and their diverse modus operandi.

Airports have become strategic targets for hostile activity by terrorist attacks against the facilities, aircraft, passengers, personnel, and infrastructures. The identification and detections of suspicious activity, people and objects is a growing challenge for the law enforcement and airport authorities due to the ease of adversary assimilation and camouflage in the large crowds. This reality is amplified by the growing amount of passengers, points of vulnerability and sensitive location in major urban metropolis.

The response to these complex issues requires an apparatus which operate independent yet simultaneous security and intervention forces; when employed effectively, these forces are part of the alignment for effective prevention, neutralization and minimizing casualties during terrorist attacks. The Condor Transportation division understands these needs and recognizes that airport security entails creating harmony between the architectural foundation and structure of the airport with the operational forces and technological means used for this objective.

Our concept involves creating a balance of operational priorities in order to attain safety and security during routine, and rapid intervention capabilities when confronted with hostile activity, whether it is during the attack-planning phase or during its implementation.

We offer consultancy services in the field of airport security, preformed by teams of specialists from the Israeli airline industry, airport authorities as well as the intelligence and counter-terror communities. These consultants have extensive experience in creating and operating security systems and units for major national and international airports throughout the world. This professional experience includes building and integrating crisis-management teams, operational intelligence units and intervention units for the overall airport security apparatus.

Condor offers consulting and training services in the following areas:

  • Terminal Security
  • Check-in Security Procedures
  • Gate Security Procedures
  • Security of Aircraft
  • Cargo Security
  • Security Procedures for Maintenance Personnel


For many years the Condor Transportation division has been involved in developing operational airline security doctrines for effectively protecting these networks at the micro and macro levels. Our specialized teams have created and continue to create integrated security solutions for prevention and deterrence of terrorist and criminal activities.

We believe that effective airline security policy-making must be globally relevant and centralized into managerial and physical channels. Hence, the security management function must continuously analyze growing risks, develop up-to-date intelligence data and transform this process into operational solutions for all possible scenarios.

The Condor Transportation Division provides consultancy services to a wide range of personnel in charge of airline security, including heads of security departments and sky marshals. In addition, we offer guidance and advisory services to other members of the airline carrier staff, such as pilots and flight attendants, since we believe that all the company’s employees should acquire skills and awareness regarding airline security.


Aviation security has become a primary concern for security services and commercial airline companies, as terrorists increase their attempt to strike and harm aviation networks and especially commercial aircrafts. These targets are attractive to terrorists because they are extremely vulnerable and can cause extensive human casualties as well as immense financial and commercial damage – all with devastating consequences which disrupts the daily life of modern and free societies and their citizens.

Condor Transportation believes in creating a multifaceted security apparatus for aircraft protection as part of the overall prevention and neutralization of multidimensional threats. We provide a wide range of consultancy services for aircraft guarding procedures that relate to the aircraft in two different, yet related dimensions: the first regards the aircraft as an isolated installation that must have its own internal security procedures; and the second views it as a small part of a larger network within the security system.

These services are specifically designed for security teams, patrolling on foot and in vehicles, which function as physical protection for the aircraft at various times (during the stay at the airport during day and night, prior to departure and upon arrival). Our professional consultants are at your disposal for providing these advisory and training services at both domestic and international locations, including high risk destinations.

Sky Marshall

Throughout airplane security history, the Israeli security doctrine has devoted extensive resources to security on planes.

This function requires extensive training that must be specifically designed to deal with all attacks during a flight. This security system is independently structured and is active in addition to other security systems including inside airports, perimeter security of airfields, aircraft security, cargo security, preloading procedures, check in procedures etc. Staff working inside airplanes requires a vigorous and extensive selection process due to the professional requirements for working in this profession. Therefore it is necessary to have a selection process that selects individuals with the necessary aptitudes.

Once selected, these individuals must be specifically trained for this job. It would be a great mistake to select people because of their police or military background and make them sky marshals without specific training.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon is very common and disastrous to correct security attitude.