Anti Terror Solutions

The Condor Transportation operative teams are composed of security experts with a wide range of professional experience and skills in the transportation security field. Among our personnel you will find active personnel and veterans of the Israeli security services, aviation, shipping and port authority specialists and relevant governmental agencies. We specialize in turn key transportation security solutions inherent to the counter terror and anti terror arenas. We distinguish between these two channels of services as their strategic, tactical, and operational solutions differ in their response mechanisms.

Our array of solutions are centralized through offensive and defensive proactive mechanisms for protecting transportation security networks, neutralizing attacks and building efficient security plans for all major transportation sites and means. In addition, we can train different transportation security teams to carry routine and emergency security tactics and this includes:

- Intelligence Units

- Specialized Security Units

- SWAT Tactics

In addition, our operative teams include international transportation security experts and qualified instructional teams in the fields of physical installation security, intelligence specific to transportation networks, operational driving, operational behavior in high risk areas and more. As part of our turnkey services, Condor Transportation offers R&D solutions by multidisciplinary experts that integrate and develop technological innovations for the enhancement of transportation security.