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The complex security arenas inherent to the current security climate make it imperative for organizations to build, apply and exercise a security strategy. The building of a security strategy resides in the integration of the current threats with effective policy making for prevention, neutralization and operational superiority. This strategy must be intelligence based, have very clear objectives, a methodology ,and a process by which these goals are achieved.

Condor Security Enterprises specializes in the building, development and application of a security strategy for different threat scenarios. Our solutions are based on proactive components that are translated into an effective preventative and response oriented policy.


Security Vulnerabilities

The intelligence analysis of the current vulnerabilities from an adversary’s point of view. This process requires understanding what the vulnerabilities mean from the operational objectives and their effect on the organization.

Connecting the Operational Dots

This task involves understanding and preparing a security response to the existing vulnerabilities, closing the gap between the adversary’s capabilities to attack the organization versus the organization’s capabilities to prevent and respond to such scenarios.

Field Implementation

Apply a policy in real time with a set of procedures and develop a strategic apparatus for routine and emergency situations.