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The Condor Intelligence division is proud to be a provider of consultancy services in creating special negotiation and rescue teams for police units. Whether the crisis was generated by terrorists or by criminals, hijacking attack demands fast, but nevertheless, clever reaction. The gap between ending a crisis of this kind with a great success or as a total failure can sometimes be very small; A word said in the wrong tone, an innocent gesture that was not in place or a bad sense of timing can cause the hostiles to execute their threats and to bring a dreadful outcome.

This division’s consultants come with professional background in operating negotiation techniques and psychological tactics, worldwide. With their extensive knowledge and experience, Condor Intelligence guarantees a full-scale guidance for police units in building specialized teams designated to deal with negotiation and rescue operations.

Knowledge is power. That applies to every aspect in our lives, but when it comes to the police work and its fight against crime and terror – it is even more essential.
Intelligence specific to police work requires high performance of information gathering from different sources and proper processing procedures in order to generate maximum effectiveness for prevention, neutralization and deterrence.
The Condor Intelligence division consultancy services include professional guidance in information gathering techniques, in both the offensive and defensive dimensions. That includes developing skills in operating agents as well as using technological tactics and communication channels.

A large part of the police work must be performed undercover. The Condor Intelligence division has a set of professional solutions to offer in this field for any clandestine activity of the police. The include investigations techniques, building cover ups and underground operations, communication and meetings undercover as well as the creation of suitable covert infrastructure.
Our division’s consultants are at your disposal for establishing undercover procedures in an array of intelligence operations within different police units and departments.

The Condor Intelligence division is set to provide updated and real-time intelligence related solutions for military units positioned in high risk areas, worldwide. Among these consultancy services you will find information gathering techniques in high risk areas, including humint tactics, operational behavior and other open and clandestine methods.
We also provide advisory regarding preventive protection procedures in routine and emergencies as a part of our services. This aspect is not less important, since the safety and security of the forces is a must in order to achieve any operational goal without putting themselves in unnecessary danger.

The Condor Intelligence understands that special military units require extensive intelligence skill and high level of operational performance. For that reason we offer customized consultancy services as using information for survival, working undercover, and information gathering techniques designated particularly for special-units members and teams.
Moreover, we give special consideration for intelligence specific to urban warfare, riot control and guerilla warfare, including developing operational decision making in routine and crisis.