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Specialized Services

Conducting investigations of potential partners in foreign countries
A clandestine investigation of a company that the organization plans to cooperate with, is one of the Condor Intelligence specialized services. We can deploy professional teams that specialize in sensitive investigations worldwide and provide you a thorough report with all essential information you need to have in order to make decisions regarding your future partners overseas. This service is strongly recommended to every organization who wishes to expand its activity abroad and needs to relay on local representatives and/or employees.

Preparations of situational report on the risk level of a foreign country
The Condor Intelligence teams are combined of experts with an international experience in intelligence related issues and in working with multinational organizations. That allows us to provide you an extensive guidance in this field including conducting a thorough groundwork and producing of situational reports on the risk level in foreign countries. Those reports contain professional analysis regarding several important elements of the country as well as its general situation. It is aimed to define the possible risks and threats in conducting business relations over there.

Local manpower
One of the most complex aspects of expanding your business overseas is selecting and managing local manpower. As part of its specialized services, the Condor Intelligence division offers consultancy services in examination and recruitment procedures for local manpower. These services include an assistant in creating processes of work in human resource management that will take into account loca
l authority and police checks, as customary in the specific country.
We see this service as a high priority product to corporate entities that wishes to establish a solid base to their business abroad and at the same time to keep their level of security and safety.

Opening the office and/or installation in specific country
Opening a new office in a foreign country bring the company a great success and good profits, but can also cause many headaches and troubles due to lack of knowledge and experience in the local market arena. That is why it is extremely important to receive professional guidance before conducting a step like that. The Condor Intelligence division provides exactly this kind of consultancy services, designed especially for entities and organizations that are planning to open an office of an installation abroad. Our teams can provide you the tools and knowledge you need to have regarding the requirements and measures that need to be taken in order to accomplish your goals at the best and most secured way there is.

Emergency planning for organization
One on the Condor Intelligence division specialized services is emergency planning for organization working in foreign country. We have created these services due to the rapid growth of globalization in the business world that made it more dynamic and comprehensive, but at the same time more vulnerable for people who work in multi national organizations and due to their work travel very often of re-locate their families with them to another country.
Our services on this field focus on conducting procedures in risky situations that requires evacuation, including one of the family members and other security measures taken in order to protect the employees from any type of threat or risk he might be faced with while working and living overseas.

Special clandestine security
The Condor Intelligence division provides specialized services for covert missions and tasks that have to be done in low profile and with maximum confidentiality. Thus, we offer operational assistance for clandestine meetings as well as clandestine security services of events. That includes special liaison and escorting of designated meetings with particular security attention, upon costumer’s request. These services are provided by our team members who specialize in the combination between executive protection and intelligence work undercover. That can assure you a highly professional advisory experience from leading experts who are veterans from the governmental security services.

Operational evaluation of local security companies
The Condor Intelligence division is set to provide an operational evaluation of local security companies for corporate entities and organizations who wish to hire security services in foreign countries. We provide operational assessments based on the costumer’s needs and requirements and by conducting audits and analysis in order to evaluate the quality and professional effectiveness of the security company.

R&D Smart Solutions

As part of their work, the Condor Intelligence technical teams are developing special solutions for different intelligence operations in the field of security and the fight against crime and terror. These solutions are created by integrating field operatives and technical innovations for achieving operational objectives which are constantly being developed, tested and implemented to reach maximum results.

In addition, this division’s R&D teams provide by logistical support and training in order to ensure the proper integration and use of the selected equipment.


Commanding officers are required to have management skills, just like any other executives in commercial organizations. Additionally, they have to excel in their operative field and demonstrate high quality of performance.
Having intelligence skills is important in these two dimensions as they assist the commanding officer in his work and upgrade his abilities in every task he needs to complete, whether it is pre-employment screening, communication in the organization, etc.

The Condor Intelligence division provides consultancy services in all the above for commanding officers serving in different units and corps.

Our platform of intelligence activities are directed at sharing our know-how in sensitive military operations that require operational planning, gathering of intelligence and implementation of Special Forces and equipment in different environments.

These intelligence services have passive and active dimensions due to the unique nature of each project. Condor operates specialized training programs that require unconventional solutions that fit the given environment, risk and adversary. Our services integrate extensive intelligence gathering techniques combined with combat abilities in order to contain and neutralize hostile activities in real time.

These intelligence solutions are fragmented in order to serve the numerous hierarchical positions within the military and the respective forces responsible for the execution of the missions.

Condor Specializes in offering specialized solutions for:

  • Evaluation Centers

  • Screening Procedures

  • Surgical Manpower & Functions