Suspicious behavior identification

Suspicious behavior identification

The human perception of suspicious activity is often difficult to develop and remains subject to many uncontrollable patterns in the process inherent to detecting suspicious activity. Understanding and applying behavioral recognition systems combined with additional parameters remains a difficult task to perform in real time. However, without identifying suspicious activity capabilities, organizations cannot create a preventative culture.

We are proud to announce the development of a system which helps your teams detect and understand suspicious activity in real time, report an incident, and effectively distribute this information to the different emergency teams.

Behavioral Security Analysis is a security doctrine that studies and evaluates irregular activity through different indicators. These channels are efficient in receiving early warning about activity that may be damaging to the organization. This predictive behavioral security doctrine uses advanced techniques that serve as operational indicators of irregular activity which is directed towards the organization. The use of these tools gives security professionals a combination of strategic surprise and early response mechanisms to apply the most suitable method of action and contain the hostile activity.

Consequently, it is imperative to train specific sensitive departments to recognize an adversary which is trying to collect information through intricate methods. In addition, these indicators are used in detecting different parties involved in the collection of information on our installation prior to building an attack plan. Condor offers different training and consulting services in this are


The ability to assess the risk is often a very difficult task and cannot be executed in an objective manner. Condor has developed a technological platform for calculating, assessing, and managing specific risks in an objective manner based on field observation, organizational capabilities to prevent and respond to certain scenarios, and rapid implementation of specific data for each scenario.

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