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My22 is a unique software app tailored to prevent, mitigate and manage enterprise risks thriugh inovative channels of activity. From quality control and crisis prevention to ongoing event management, My22 can handle any imaginable irregularity and emergency situation in public venues of any size. Intelligenly analyzing the organization’s structure, My22 adapts its functionality and solutions to the client’s needs. The system is aimed at sensitive installations in large organizations and is based on years of cumulative knowledge and operational experience.

Why My 22?

A unique software solution and application system for:

security and safety 

real-time prevention, emergency and risk management, 

indentification of risks and threats, 

risk prevention - risk mitigation.

Early warning


Condor Applications can be used in multiple of sectors where a there is a high volume of traffic and people requiring different services. The sphere of activity includes the government, transportation, security, safety, healthcare, insurance, retail, travel, facility management, loss prevention, supply chain and more. Our mission is to develop the safety and  security culture through human and technological interaction.


Condor Security has developed a unique set of technological solutions for Emergency Management, Security Operations, Sensitive Event Management and Terror Response for the enterprise market . These solutions are were consolitated as mobile native app (android and iOS) and web based management interface, secured at the highest standards.

We believe that organizations, sensitive facilities and directors of security need unique technological platforms that can assist them in the prevention and response of to security and safety threats. These solutions do not intend substitute the human factor but can definitely serve as an operational tool for the successful management of different events.

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