Smart solutions

Smart solutions

Condor is devoted to supplying and processing Smart Solutions that do not require complex modifications of existing platforms. Instead our operational and technical teams look for building solutions that improve the existing intelligence and security mechanisms and counter new and/or additional threats. This smart solution apparatus ensures clients quick results without radical changes and cost-effective applications that are feasible. 

This process can only be achieved through extensive knowledge of the adversaries’ modus operandi. Smart Solutions must address not only the client but the adversary as well.

The smart solution formula encompasses a wise line of action within the organization’s security requirements and, most importantly, a platform of security solutions that are difficult for the enemy to learn and incapacitate our defense. This combination allows for adversaries to select other entities as their targets because it is difficult to study our security system and develop attack policies. Therefore, a smart solution is a double standard requirement. Condor specializes in the development of double standard security solutions.

Our smart solutions include but are not limited to:

Making employees become sensors in your organization

Creation of a rational and objective standard in important activities

Technological supervision of irregularities

Early warning technologies

Connecting the dots

Making the CCTV control room an active layer of security

The use of My22 in replacing unnecessary roles and functions

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