Sensitive events

Sensitive events

The security of sensitive events integrates many aspects of security that require intelligence, operational planning, and methods of response for different scenarios. Condor offers advisory services that have the following objectives

To prevent and stop any attempt to harm the secured target and allow a proper continuation of work.

To neutralize all attacks using human and technological means.

To deter the adversary from collecting information and selecting our installation as a target.


The security department is responsible for various levels of the structure’s security: management; the command post; security guards – posted at entrances, supervising, and patrolling, and ready for back-up; preparing operational files. The security department is responsible for setting up a command post. This needs to be an iron post that controls many central aspects of the event’s security: the entire security alignment use of G.P.S; cameras, the alarm system and supervisors; elevators and escalators; the operation of hidden cameras; the use of a computerized public address system; and back up electricity and phone systems. The use of an alertness squad or response team is also controlled by the command post.

Condor offers clients advisory services in the following areas:

Management of physical security 

Information security 

Recruitment and training 

Technical means 

Writing procedures

Giving advice and security support to business owners 

Inspecting and supervising 

Overseeing the security budget 

Contact with management and exterior forces

Given this realm of responsibility the security supervisor needs to display professional ability, credibility, and organizational and management ability. He needs to set a personal example and have sound interpersonal relations showing concern for the individual. He needs to be a flexible thinker who is professionally curios and can accept criticism. He should be highly motivated, able to persevere, and responsible.  Condor may provide security supervisors to manage the security event if requested by the client.

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