Our qualification department has trained thousands of senior law enforcement, military and security operatives that hold sensitive strategic and operational positions.

Condor specializes in training solutions for different sectors of security. Our training courses are built on a strong platform of advanced strategic, operational, and managerial skills. We have many years’ experience in training the different organizational alignments that are inherent to every client.  Our training focuses on the layers required for effective prevention and neutralization. Consequently, our training is not devoted solely to security personnel but also to employees of installations. Our integrated approach is based on raising the capabilities of all members of the organization by carefully understanding their role and how they may contribute to the security and safety.

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Executive Protection







Condor offers an extensive selection of courses and seminars, that include practical training combined with strategic field exercises, professional conferences, simulations, and visits to installations. This educational infrastructure provides a wide spectrum of turnkey qualifications and training in general and specific Intelligence arenas for professional personnel.

Our educational programs select the most effective and realistic techniques encountered in the different active and proactive intelligence sector. Our defensive and offensive system is a continuous developing apparatus that constantly tests, analyzes, modifies, and adapts to modern existing modus operandi. This research-based doctrine allows us to achieve our operational objectives and professional requirements

Condor sees the art of training as the most challenging area of security. We devote extensive resources to building operational pedagogical modules of training that are functional under a crisis. The content of the training module is derived from the reality of the field and must be translated into a practical platform of techniques that work under routine and emergency situations. This process is long and involves testing all techniques 360 degrees to see what their effectiveness is and where vulnerable points exist.

The vulnerability dimension is then measured under stress to see if it is instinctive or impulsive in its nature as this will influence the training method. Once these techniques pass this stage, they undergo training methodologies so they can be taught in the simplest and quickest way.

The instructional method will influence how the trainee responds in a real occurrence and therefore Condor employs innovative methodologies. Condor instructors come from a wide variety of backgrounds since we operate numerous divisions and require specific know how related to the area of activity. Our selection process for becoming an instructor is very rigorous and long since our professional standards are the highest there is. It is required for all potential instructors to have operational field experience as well as commanding and instructional experience.

We do not believe in a copy and paste approach as each geographical area, environment and client has its own theatre of operation. Certified instructors are required to speak several languages, have an academic degree, and continue to undergo training as part as their overall function. They travel extensively and are required to study the local problems inherent to each country to understand the reality in each specific country. This evolutionary policy allows us to teach only solutions that work and are applicable.

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