Condor specializes in delivering operational screening solutions in different theaters of action. Our screening advisory and training services are delivered through surgical training of the organization staff. Condor also employs screening procedures for different industries such as airline and airport security. We act as screening supervisors for sensitive flights that require additional security measures. We apply advanced observation and interview methodologies to classify the threat level of different passengers. The process is intended to detect passengers which may be a threat to the flight and to their destination upon arrival and final departure returning from the destination.  We work closely with different law enforcement agencies that must be present during screening techniques according to European legislation for flights to Israel

Condor offers special workshops and advisory services for human resources organizations to enhance the security angle in the recruitment process. We believe this is not a replacement for the regular screening process but rather an additional platform required for successful screening and employment. Condor understands that human resources departments are at the pinnacle of recruitment techniques and do not want to interfere with this process. Consequently, we can offer targeted workshops and consulting services for applying behavioral security techniques for screening secure candidates.

Our clients benefit from the use of the I-see module in My22 Software and App which tailors to screening requirements and deploys numerous features that are very functional in aiding the operator in conducting the screening process.

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