Risk Prevention

Risk Prevention/Mangment/Mitigation

Security system assessments for corporate entities are now available as one of Condor’s consultancy services. The security inspection and diagnosis include all aspects of the security department and/or procedures in a 360 degrees angel, to ensure a total cover of the security system. This service’s main objective is to provide the customer a professional and real-time analysis regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the security system, including custom tailored solutions for improvement and upgrading it.

With our great experience in business intelligence and human resource management, we offer consulting services regarding pre and post-employment screening procedures in corporate entities. Among the topics we expert in you will find guidance for creating efficient procedures and assessments that need to be implemented when recruiting new employees as well as after the candidate has become an employee. This service was created to provide straightforward procedures and make sure there are no human infringements or industrial espionage attempts.

Condor provides consultancy services in one of the business intelligence mile stones in every corporate entity – information security. Our advisory in this field include adjusting custom tailored information security and compartmentalization measures as preventive procedures against information leakage and theft. We will assist you in creating an efficient and sealed information security system that meet all necessary requirements and designed to naturalize all possible threats to your organization.

If your organization already has a security system and you wish to know if it is as good as it should be, the Condor Intelligence consultants can offer you a wide range of security audits and inspections designated especially for this objective.

We operate these services worldwide, ensuring the client dedicated resourceful and updated auditing mechanisms. We are obligated to provide rapid identification, neutralization, and deterrence of industrial espionage by using advanced smart solutions and our great know-how in this field.

Making the right decision in time can often be the gap between the winner and the loser. In the competitive business world this may be a key element daily. Condor Intelligence offers corporate entities a professional guidance in combining intelligence skills for decision making. Our operative teams specialize in information gathering and intelligence assessments. They guide you on how to prepare professional situation analysis reports using smart intelligence to make the right call during routine and emergency.

We provide advisory regarding conduct and operational behavior for corporate managers in conflict zones. Our goal is to teach executives how to ensure maximum personal security by conducting preliminary and real time intelligence gathering and processing.

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