Physical security

Physical security

Condor offers extensive services in Physical Security tactics and methodologies. The purpose of our services is prevention of hostile security events. Physical security is a very important component in protecting sensitive installations. It involves visible and clandestine security layers combined with technological solutions. 

The definition of the purpose involves the secured facilities and the other facilities that are an attractive target for the following reasons: 

They constitute an environmental risk

They have a lot of property (high value in money)

Essential to the economy of the country

A gathering place for a lot of people 

Governmental/ public prestige

Checking the level of alertness of the security alignment 

Checking the weak points in the alignment of guarding, security, and physical means. 

Illustration of the possible ways of action of the enemy and preparing for them

Checking internal and national procedures and practicing them as true to reality as possible. 

Implementation of designated technological solutions 

As part of our ongoing commitment to clients, we carry drills that are divided into two categories: restricted, combined.

  1. Restricted: meant for practicing and training local and independent security alignments. 
  2. Combined: examining the alertness, time of arrival and reaction of external assistance forces, capability of combined forces to act during an event in the facility, in a public/ national institute. 

For example: taking over of a facility, explosion of a bomb (with casualties), invasion, reinforcement. 

Types of drills: 

Insertion of explosives

A suspicious object/ bomb

Anonymous notification 

Explosion of a bomb 


Taking over

A booby-trapped vehicle

The frequency of executing drills is once a year in every unit and/ or shift. 

Drills should not be executed too often, in order causing indifference of the team. 

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