Natural Disasters

Natural disasters

We cannot prevent natural events from hitting our nations and citizens. However, we can prepare ourselves efficiently. This preparation requires understanding the different pieces of the puzzle which are inherent for a successful result. The EEI- Essential Elements of Information- define what is required and, often, the lack of intelligence is critical.

Condor helps organizations develop the right strategy, policy, methods in the following layers:

The human layers

The critical infrastructure layers

The development and deigning of systems

The communication layers

 The technological layers

These are the 5 pillar layers that require extensive interdependence in their operations. When addressing these layers, it is imperative to map the existing capabilities for each layer using the 5 W’s and understanding their relationship with the prevention, mitigation, and management of natural disasters. When we analyze our current situation, we must answer the following questions for each layer independently and in relation to the other ones:






Let us take a simple example from the human layers to illustrate our strategy. If we take the simple element of What and analyze its context with a natural disaster, we will need to make sure that all the population has the required resilience and know exactly what to do? Clearly, this will connect our analysis to other components such as: How is an alert on a natural disaster communicated to the whole population? This will then connect us to analyzing the other layers. This process will make us understand where we are at the current time and the relation of forces between our capabilities to deal with a natural disaster.

Condor offers these services and has developed innovative training and technological solutions for developing and implementing the required layers during routine and emergency situations. Our methodologies combine advanced intelligence tools with designated surgical programs and technologies to build the required layers.

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