Inner Threat

Inner Threat

The inner threat problem is often underestimated and remains a primary concern for different organizations. The inner threat concept is, for many, only an issue when an organization faces multiple problems that have not been resolved.

However, inner threats are divided into different segments and may manifest themselves in different attack vectors that must be addressed. Consequently. It is crucial that the organizations have a solid intelligence platform that guides them in the strategic and operational decision-making process. This effective risk management tactics serve as the required algorithm for preventing, neutralizing, and deterring attacks directed at you or your organization.

This requires advanced intelligence mechanisms that assist organizations in conducting secured activities and having an array of reactionary solutions.

Our intelligence consultancy services for detection and management of inner threats are based on defensive and offensive protocols, operational behavior procedures and surgical training programs.

Our advisory services include but are not limited to:

Inner threat vulnerability assessments

Analysis & Threat Assessments of different attack vectors

Creation of a security department with specific orientation to inner threats

Methods of operation for different types of inner threat recognition

Cyber security inner threat protocols

Social engineering awareness, detection, and management

Suspicious behavior and activity identification

Training of HR and specific Pre-employment and Post-employment screening

The real time prevention of an inner threat identification process requires ongoing methods of operation that are dependent on company protocols, its culture and operating mechanisms that can trigger early warning and specific management.

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