Emergency Protocols

Emergency Protocols

Condor specializes in integrated strategic intelligence solutions for the different security, law enforcement and corporate communities.

Our intelligence concept offers both defensive and offensive intelligence solutions, which address the issues of prevention, neutralization and deterrence of complex threats in the law enforcement, military, governmental and corporate arenas.

Each sector and specific threat requires its own specialized analysis and portfolio of solutions derived from vast experience in addressing different aspects of the intelligence work.

Condor Intelligence believes that knowledge and understanding of any micro or macro problem/conflict is the key to effective planning, structuring, and implementing of operational solutions.

Condor offers advisory services in the following areas:

Building of Emergency Protocols for different functions

Testing of Emergency Protocols 

My22 Emergency response Software and APP to different functions

Emergency Protocols for different scenarios

Training on the above mentioned 

These services are tailored to fit the following scenarios:

Suicide Bomber

Edged Weapons


Active Shooter

Edged weapons


Workplace violence


Car Bomb


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