Condor Cyber security services are aimed at the prevention of criminal and terrorist activity against your organization. Our technical department works closely with intelligence analysts, security experts, IT departments, to combine the expertise and effectively build integrated solutions to:

Early warning

Methods of operation against adversary attack vectors

Identify and detect Insiders

Connect the dots

Detect the collection of information by the adversary


By combining technology with human experience and training, Condor delivers a unique approach for identifying human and technological risk.

Through innovative channels of activity, and a deep technological analysis, Condor provides threat intelligence capable of identifying potential weak links from the 1st (physical) to the 8th (user) layer of the OSI model across the corporate structure.

With Condor's Red Teaming capabilities, Condor can validate and secure physical security controls and technologies, corporate networks and services, web applications, IoT, and cloud-based solutions. Combining the usage of Condor's products and services, with well-trained, validated employees, we significantly reduce risk across the

Additional Services:

Data Loss Prevention

Backup and Recovery

Safeguard company data with enterprise-grade backup, real-time continuous data

Protection, disaster recovery, sensitive data discovery, and blockchain notarization to ensure the authenticity of backups

Malware Protection

Secure your endpoints with a next generation anti-malware defense. In addition to full-stack malware protection and URL filtering

Detect and stop ransomware and crypto miner attacks

Discovery and Deployment

Maintain comprehensive control over your organization’s infrastructure via network

Discovery, remote agent deployment, and backup plan enforcement, including management of your Windows Defender settings

Complete IT Toolkit

Make your everyday operations easier with remote desktop, system monitoring,

HDD/SSD health control, and vulnerability assessment and patch management tools

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