Crisis Management

Crisis Management

The world is getting smaller – travelers for business, professional or tourist purposes are now reaching all corners of the world. Some of these corners are plagued with phenomenon of war, terrorism, crime, and civil unrest. Therefore, travelers must be cautious and well-equipped with the right tools to handle the dangerous situations they might encounter.

Multinational companies and large organizations must prioritize the implementation of crisis management procedures that are actionable and take into account all security scenarios affecting the area of operation.
Condor offers advisory services in the development of a crisis management doctrine that can be created inside organizations and managed by the security department.

Our advisory services in crisis management include but are not limited to:

Security Strategy Implementation

Emergency Response Preparedness

Policy Development

Contingency Planning

Post Conflict Solutions

Risk Management

Condor offers advisory services in understanding risks, evaluating their real vulnerability to the organization, defining the threats, enhancing the security department’s capabilities to manage risks, and developing an arsenal of response mechanisms.

To develop this apparatus, organizations must develop a security culture that fits the risks and capabilities of the adversary. 

The complex security arenas inherent to the current security climate make it imperative for organizations to build, apply and exercise a security strategy. The building of a security strategy resides in the integration of the current threats with effective policy making for prevention, neutralization, and operational superiority. This strategy must be intelligence based, have very clear objectives, a methodology, and a process by which these goals are achieved.

Condor Security Enterprises specializes in the building, development, and application of a security strategy for different threat scenarios. Our solutions are based on proactive components that are translated into an effective preventative and response-oriented policy.

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