Condor believes that there is a direct link between terror and criminal activity. That does not mean that all criminal activity has a terror link or vice versa. However, there is an operational link between the modes of operation, and, sometimes criminals and terrorists have the same agenda.

Condor offers advanced security solutions against criminal activity directed at sensitive installations and soft targets. We deploy our teams and carry onsite assessments from the eyes of the adversary. This offensive approach is extremely important in understanding what the enemy sees and building adequate solutions.

Undercover security is clandestine security activity that is invisible around the installation. Its purpose is to identify and detect any unusual type of activity by the adversary at its earliest stages to neutralize it as soon as possible. It is a substantial additional platform of the security apparatus that upgrades the level of security. Early clandestine detection can be carried out far away from installation. Often a cover story is constructed, using human and technological means. Additional parameters to be considered when using undercover security include collaborators, security of our forces, weapons, training, and manpower.

To overcome some of these challenges, the security team should examine the possible paths of hostile or criminal action and formulate the required response in written operational procedures. The existing intelligence must be used, manpower must be trained, and security means must be activated. 

In general, the following steps should be taken to secure the organization

Screening and inspecting the public’s entrance  

Screening and inspecting vehicle entrance  

Screening and inspecting suppliers and service providers (salesmen, suppliers, cleaners) 

Coordinating assisting security services (emergency and rescue forces) 

Coping with emergencies (criminal/terrorist/non-conventional events, multiple victims’ event, fire) 

Security actions must be taken after closing time

Cyber Security measures

Security awareness of the employees

Operational screening procedures

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