Border control

Border control

Condor delivers tactical solutions for Border security and Protection. Our array of solutions is surgically structured to fit the requirements of Border Security Officials, SWAT, special units, undercover units, tactical units, and public order officers. The techniques are based on impulsive and instinctive tools that fit the profile of different adversaries so that law enforcement operatives can select and control their modus operandi according to the risk level of the attackers.

Our solutions are both rigid and flexible so that specific tactical methodologies can be applied to different situations and risk levels. The Condor defense system believes in the surgical approach to training where one is taught tactics symmetric to the operational theater of activity. This surgical approach allows law enforcement operatives to have at their disposal a specific arsenal of solutions that can be applied under stress because there is no irrelevant information processed into the brain which must command the body to move. Finally, our techniques are applicable and work after having been tested and analyzed to see how to maximize their efficiency.

Since borders are the gateway to different countries and regions, it is imperative to consider different scenarios which need to be addressed. These scenarios may involve criminals as well as terrorists that may select different modes of operation such as:

Knife attacks

Active shooter

Running over

Suicide bomber

Car bomb

Hostage taking

Smuggling of weapons and explosives

Illegal infiltration to carry an attack in a soft target beyond the border

Our services integrate Observation and Checking techniques combined, intelligence and Emergency Response tactics, and Technological solutions for the following functions:

Tactical teams

Federal Agents

Swat Operatives

Special Operations Personnel

Police Units

First Responders

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