Audits & Compliance

Audits & Compliance

Condor carries different types of audits for its clients. We treat audits as an intelligence operation, in which the client must absolutely know his current state in the respective areas

What is Information? Information includes facts, descriptions, assessments, and forecasts on different subjects of interest. The information is comprised of endless pieces of facts and data, which can be described as “molecules of knowledge.” Information is stored in the human memory, as well as in artificial databases such as documents, pictures, or computers.

What is Intelligence? Intelligence refers to information regarding a specific subject or issue that has been categorized, analyzed, filtered, and verified. Intelligence contains only the information relevant to the specific subject. If information consists of “molecules of knowledge,” intelligence is the material comprised by those molecules, after they have been accumulated and organized in a specific order. They thus form a unique and significant substance. Information has no operative importance or usefulness unless it is organized as intelligence data. Transforming information into intelligence requires a great deal of time and effort, as well as professional knowledge and training.

Various levels of knowledge exist:

“Knowing:” the most basic level of being aware of a piece of information. For example, “I know that the car has an engine,” or, in other words, “I know (from general knowledge and education) that every car has an engine. I’m not sure what it looks like, how it works or what it is made of”, but I know that a car has an engine. 

“Being familiar with: "one can only achieve this level of knowledge after the basic above level has been fulfilled. Being familiar with something requires a certain level of initiated learning. For example, “Not only do I know that there is an engine in the car, I can identify the different parts in the engine; I know it creates energy, etc.”

“To understand:” a higher level of knowledge that involves not only learning and being familiar with something, but also requires understanding about the specific topic or how it operates. For example, “I know the physical principles behind how the engine's working, how it turns fuel into kinetic energy and how this metal block in the car eventually moves its wheels, etc.”

“To practice/to use:” the highest level of knowledge, in which one can use the information acquired to one's benefit, rather than only in theory. For example, “I can fix my own car engine, or I can open a garage for fixing other cars.”

Any organization should strive to reach the fourth and highest level of knowledge, by

building an information-gathering function and process, becoming familiar with relevant details, processing them into intelligence data and using them for the organization’s benefit.

Gathering information 

The decision-making level in the company must receive information in a planned, constant and integrated manner rather than wait for chance, word-of-mouth or guesses in order to make decisions. To gather information in an organized fashion, one must:

know how to collect the information; know on what to focus; know which techniques to use; know what to do with the information once it is accumulates.

This is professional and specialized knowledge that should be handled by professional operatives using professional tools and methods and should not be left to amateurs. The gathering and analysis of information requires a professional team, like those found in intelligence agencies, collection agencies, and research units on the governmental and national level.

The process of collecting information, categorizing, and processing it into intelligence, verifying, summarizing, and presenting it – are all tasks performed by human beings. The more intelligent these people are – hardworking, skilled individuals, who understand their goal – the more professional their work will be, and the more

Our audit services include:

Specific Audits

Integrated Audits

Post-event Audits

Recurring event Audits

Compliance and Supervision Audits

By using intelligence methodologies when auditing, Condor not only audits, but delivers the necessary results to the management

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