Active Shooter

Active shooters

Condor provides multidimensional solutions for preventing and responding to diverse active shooter scenarios. Our array of solutions is based on 3 fundamental layers of activity which include Intelligence, operational procedures, and combat tactics. The interdependence of these layers is absolute and cannot be separated or divided if an organization wishes to have onsite solutions. Our solutions take into account the late arrival of the emergency services once the attack has initiated, in fact, most casualties take place in the first few minutes, making the role of the emergency services practically impotent or only minimal. Condor believes that each organization must have its own security apparatus that can respond in real time and prevent or neutralize as fast as possible these attacks.

The fight against active shooters requires a surgical approach to this threat based on real time intelligence, response tactics from the employees of the organization, and resilience. These pillars must be developed so they can be activated in the first minutes of the crisis where most casualties occur, and the police is absent. Surviving an active shooter crisis requires a multidisciplinary approach that comprises of surgical know how


This is a unique program tailored to organizations that wish to be ready for dealing with an active shooter.


Our program is the only platform in the world that prepares organization at the intelligence, combat, resilience, and evacuation levels. Our system develops the mental stamina of all the members of the organization. Condor understands that the survival of the employees resides in their active participation in the neutralization process. We train and consult the organizations on how to become independent in the time of crisis. Not because they want, but because there is no other alternative!

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