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Secuririskthreat specializes in conducting various types of risk, threat and vulnerability assessments using a set of multidisciplinary skills derived from different theaters of operation. Our services are designed to provide our clients real time assessments that are the product of real time intelligence and knowledge of the adversary. Without these fundamental parameters assessments remain theoretical and cannot be of operational use. We prefer to give our clients a strategic, tactical and operational picture of the situation rather than a report based on probability and speculative data not pertaining to the real threat methods and tactics. In addition to providing our clients with a clear picture as to the current security alignment in the respective organization, we prepare a set of guidelines for closing the gap between the current capabilities to deal with threats and the adversary capabilities. The closing of this gap is imperative in order to lower the risk


Our teams


Our teams are composed of veterans from the Israeli security establishment and apparatus that have gained substantial operational, tactical, strategic and managerial experience during their service. In addition, we have a team of instructors which are acting specialists from Condor Security Enterprises, an Israeli security institution that is certified, recognized and works with the Israeli Ministry of Defense regulations. Moreover, we have a group of international consultants that specialize in a variety of disciplines pertaining to the security industry. Our understanding of the international arena makes us sensitive to the nature of each project and we create the most surgically fit team for each project. Our concept of security makes us use the most talented teams required in order to make sure our clients receive a functional service. We have highly trained attack teams which carry the study and control of existing security systems. Their capabilities are measured by their understanding of the adversary and the ability to put your installation under a real test so that the findings reflect the real picture. Consequently, once the picture is established, other teams composed of security experts build the most cost effective and efficient package of solutions for making your organization ready.



  • Risk assessments

  • Risk analysis

  • Threat assessments

  • Vulnerability reports


  • Risk reduction

  • Attack simulation

  • Creation of specialized teams

  • Enterprise solutions


  • Security system architecture

  • Designing of security systems

  • Security engineering