The founder of the system, is a veteran of the Israeli special forces and was responsible for creating customized solutions for specialized squads in the Israeli security apparatus. He has vast experience in different fighting systems, and is an expert in counter/anti terror tactics. He serves as a consultant to various international law enforcement establishments. The Condor Defense System specializes in fighting methodologies for all security realted scenarios. The techniques are specifically tailored to the respective theatres of action and apply intense preventative, neutralization, and deterrent mechanisms.

Condor devotes specific attention to travel safety and security for different organizations. We build surgical solutions for travel security in all its phases and extensively test if the protocols and procedures are symmetrical to the threats and potential adversaries. Our crisis management protocols are not generic and rely on advanced preventative and reactionary tools In addition, we implement our My 22 Technological Platform for all travel safety and security operations of our clients. The employee personal security upon arrival at a destination is often a difficult task to control since you have just arrived at a destination where within a short amount of time you inherit all the domestic problems that affect your personal security. In addition, these problems are not always evident to the eye and are difficult to prevent.


The preparations required for minimizing this risk should focus on advanced preliminary understanding of the destination where you are travelling- understanding the main risks and their manifestation, differentiating between general risks in the location to specific ones directed at you. A thorough analysis of your destination must be made about the risk it may pose on you and the company. This means classifying the level of risk in the destination according to the type of threats inherent to this destination, their likelihood, and their manifestation.

Pay attention to the following points:

Is the country you are travelling to a high-risk area?

Is a specific geographical location in the country a high-risk area?

Is a city or a neighborhood a high-risk area?

Is the destination a permanent high-risk area? Or temporary when a certain climate is present? Or in a specific time of the year?

Does the risk apply to me? Sometimes a high-risk area is dangerous only for certain people, including specific nationalities.

What is the reason for defining your area high risk? Is it crime, terror, sanitary, environmental?

We advise you to research the following points through different reliable sources and cross examine the information to make a concrete assessment.

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Once you have arrived at your destination, it is imperative you follow important guidelines that will maximize your safety and security during your stay.

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