Dynamic and ever-growing transportation industry


The Condor Transportation Division is a member of the Condor Enterprises Group. This division was created in order to provide cutting-edge and practical solutions to rising security-related threats within the ground, aviation and maritime transportation industry, worldwide.

The dynamic and ever-growing transportation industry faces numerous risks and threats on a daily basis by diverse and dangerous adversaries; due to the fact that they are a source for large crowds gatherings, the transportation networks have become attractive targets for both criminals and terrorist organizations.

The Condor Transportation Division

Offers efficient solutions for implementing preventive security measures alongside deterrence, neutralization, mitigation, response and recovery tools - all aimed at creating a safe and secure transportation environment. Our consulting and training services apply to the security and safety of:

Installations and facilities that serve transportation networks.

Different means of Transportation and their crew members.

Transportation security personnel.

Law enforcement special units designated to ensure transportation.

Security, the physical security of installations and border control.

These services are provided by transportation security experts and are custom-tailored to the nature, size and function of your organization or facility. This includes governmental organizations, national and homeland security apparatuses, as well as major commercial and corporate entities.

Our consulting and training services apply to the security and safety of:

1. Installations and facilities that serve transportation networks

2. Different means of Transportation and their crew members

3. Transportation security personnel

4. Law enforcement special units designated to ensure transportation security, the physical security of installations and border control.

5. Architectural security foundation – adjustment of security apparatus to the specifications of the transportation facilities and vehicles, identification of possible problematic elements

6. Cargo - Cargo security system vs. installation security system

7. Personnel and logistics

a. Employees and outsourcing companies – training and screening of personnel

b. Pre- and post-hiring security screenings

8. Intelligence

a. Profiling – methods for the identification of problematic passengers and possible threats
b. Surveillance and counter-surveillance (including with motorcycles) – the deployment of
surveillance capabilities around the perimeter of the transportation facilities and
vehicles, as well as detection capabilities for possible unwanted elements conducting
surveillance in preparation of attack or sabotage
c. Clandestine security – deployment of clandestine personnel and measures to provide
concealed detection capabilities
d. Protocols and checklists

9. Technology - security assessment of existing technological means within the security system, including it integration with the human factor and examination of its effectiveness in order to deal with threats. The operational use of the MY 22 platform for real time prevention, identification of suspicious behavior and emergency response management

10. K9 – the use of dogs as part of the security system, including evaluation of existing procedures and assistance in constructing operational action

11. Security screenings – of passengers and baggage

12. Facility security screening

a. Sterilization of areas
b. Inspections of passengers (including body language, innocent interrogation

13. Public education and information regarding security

14. Terror – crisis management and communication

o Operational Control Center and Emergency Operation Centers
o Emergency responders/response teams
o Operations and procedures
o Command, Control and Coordination
o Recovery from crisis and continuation of operations
o Coordination with auxiliary forces
o Chain of command
o Operational procedures for suspicious objects/persons/bomb threats
o Reporting and communication procedures
o Operational evacuation procedures
o CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear)

15. Counter suicide terror – IED (Improvised Explosive Device), VBIED (Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device) Tools/ methods/facilities/transportation networks

16. Special Operations (Law enforcement and SWAT) Including arrival of security forces on the scene, means of arrival and deployment, deployment in problematic locations

a. Creation of combat units

17. Training, drills and simulations

a. Mass-casualty preparedness
b. Instruction competency
c. System operational readiness tests

18. Audits & CVA

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