Safe Cities

Safe cities

Condor is at the forefront of smart solutions for the Safe and Secure City Initiative.

Our services use a drill down methodology in which we identify the main sectors of a Metropolis that need to be addressed. The resilience of the population is required because technology alone will not create the necessary safe and secure platform.

Condor creates a modular program that defines the role of the citizen in the overall security apparatus. This role is founded upon the pillar that law enforcement needs the assistance of the civilian sector in securing cities. This policy does not make the citizen a security operative. Instead, we make the citizen aware of his importance in the overall system and make him proactive in basic skills that may give early warning.

The creation of this security awareness creates a fertile environment to add to the safe and secure cities Ecosystem. Innovative technological solutions must be implemented so that cities can operate under a secure ecosystem where law enforcement and citizens activities are in harmony.

Our solutions are tailored to prioritizing the areas of most concern for neighborhoods and cities. Clearly, our solutions will focus on the main threats in the respective location. There may be areas more affected by radicalization and terror, while others, more affected by crime and violence. The secret is to integrate solutions which are modular and dynamic without having to build separate platforms for each area of concern.

Condor applies a unique methodology that integrates between human and technical means.

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