The conventional guarding services offered in the international arena are usually of very low level and serve a huge industry that has become more privatized. The threats have increased, and guarding companies are often not prepared to prevent and respond effectively. What is enough to prevent a simple robbery or burglary does not work in dealing with complex threats in different spheres of action.

Condor offers specialized consulting to guarding companies that want to raise their operational preparedness and target such operational objectives. Our services focus on the following areas:

The designing of a security system

Applying internal and external security rings

Nonverbal communication tactics for unruly persons

Defensive response mechanisms 

Protection tactics against terror attacks

Threat and risk assessments

Implementing effective protocols and procedures

These services take place in shooting ranges, simulation centres, site premises and in urban settings. We have conducted numerous exercises that have included making onsite assessments, planning, implementation of operational procedures, response and recovery. All the results have been analysed and implemented to make the necessary changes for operational improvement. As part of the security culture of the department, we strive to maintain a security preparedness standard and level which makes our preventative and response capabilities proportional to the current threats.

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Our Security Standard

is composed of 5 levels. Each level is subject to abiding by our professional criteria.

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