As we have seen, curiosity and the need to know about our fellow man is a trait found in human beings since the dawn of existence. In the modern world, this need is reinforced by competition, or “the fight for survival” in its economic-industrial sense, which is an integral part of modern living.

While in the past competition was over a woman or control of territory, today it is over resources, capital, and markets. Everything is as it always was -only the objects have changed.

If we examine the factors behind the phenomenon of “industrial espionage”, we can point to several causes, some of which are economic and some which are related to Human nature:




Market research

Multi-year planning

The Two Dimensions of Espionage

As previously stated, there are two dimensions to industrial espionage which complete each other:

The defensive dimension: All the means employed by an organization to protect itself from exposing or leaking information or from damage caused by its competitors’


The offensive dimension: All the means employed by an organization to gather relevant information about its competitors or adversaries.

Therefore, the central concept is information. All espionage, including industrial or business espionage, deals with information, whether it is for defensive or offensive

purposes. Information can be about a wide range of subjects and issues, for example:

Information about plans

Information about problems (or weak points)

Information about the state of the market and the market’s future needs

Information about products

Information about financial aspects (prices, finances etc)

Information about people

It is important to reiterate that when referring to industrial espionage, we are only referring to the gathering of information which can be used to assist in a practical manner in the decision-making process, like decisions about manufacturing a specific product, entering a specific market, deciding on a product’s price, making investments, multi-year planning and more.

This is also true for the defensive side of industrial espionage, which takes the necessary steps to protect this information and prevent its exposure by the competition.

Industrial espionage is the act of acquiring information, whose value, usefulness and quality can be important factors in the success or failure of a company in its specific field. In the modern-day global village, information can be found anywhere and everywhere, along with sophisticated measures taken to protect the information.

Condor understands the vulnerability of the security flaws that are inherent to the financial sector. Consequently, we have designed integrated smart solutions that combine the human and technological factors. Condor is a key player in the security of the:

Financial institution

Financial interests within the organization

Sensitive information

Screening of employees

Implementation of best practices

We provide these services by combining human, cyber and technological means that fit the culture and DNA of the organization and its threats

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