Architectural Security Systems

Architectural Security Systems

Condor specializes in building innovative solutions that unite security requirements with architectural foundations and plans for sensitive facilities, residential areas, clubs, smart cities, and exclusive venues. We have worked to make security and safety part of the vulnerability study, foundation, plan, design, and implementation of complex architectural and building projects. We help architects and building companies integrate smart security solutions that play a significant role in the success of the project. Postponing this process will cause huge expenses and the inability to define the right security level and technologies. Today, society continues to debate the role that architecture should play when it comes to security. 

The safety and security of different venues is directly related to how and when security issues were defined and planned. 

Yet, results show that exclusive projects are often compromised whether exclusive villas, hospitals, universities, schools, shops, clubs, churches. Some of these projects included expensive security technologies which were installed without any planning and often without measuring the real need and capabilities in real time.

Condor does not interfere with the architectural work and the client needs, requirements. We integrate our expertise within this framework and adapt the solution to the culture, topography, restrictions. Our human and technological solutions are carefully implemented to harmonize between all parties the desired result

Our Services include:

In depth study of the project

Identifying Vulnerabilities

Integration of Safety and Security

Selection of technological solutions

Physical security 

Corporate security

Family security

Home security

Information security and prevention of Corporate espionage


Discreet solutions


Security architecture

Ongoing consulting throughout the project

Innovative Software Solutions

Creation of sensitive zones with full Management

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