Critical Infrastucture

Critical Infrastucture

Condor operates its services within the critical infrastructure industry and delivers solutions at different levels. We devote extensive attention to the potential adversaries of the infrastructure and study their modes of operation.  We provide solutions based on Modes of prevention and response to the modes of action. This process requires connecting the dots, understanding the relativity of the forces, and closing the gaps with realistic measures.

Our consulting, technological and training services are tailored to the different channels of operation such as:

Top Management

Security department

Safety Department

Human resources

Supply chain


Security guards

Information security

Risk prevention- management- mitigation

Travel safety and security

Contingency planning

Crisis management

Business continuity

As part of our services, we provide our clients the technological support for the above-mentioned activities through My 22, our software and app. The technological support does not replace the other services but serves as an assisting tool in the daily activities, real time prevention and emergency response management

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